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Make Better Use of 404 Error Page

Make Better Use of 404 Error Page – Supporting Charities

Urban Shed are always on the look-out for ways to support and help charities with design and tech. So when it came to the design and to make better use of 404 Error Page, we went on the hunt to see if there were any charities that had this thought too. We found a wonderful charity website notfound.org. They have a little application you can install that will display a picture of a missing child and provides contact details to the Missing People helpline. It’s like the milk carton missing persons campaign for the internet world!

Make Better Use of 404 Error Page

urban shed – 404 error page


We are looking for charities to work with. One way we wish to support local charities is by featuring them on our 404 error pages. If you take a look at our “404 – Not Found Page” at urban shed – you will see that we are currently supporting the Missing Children charity. Every month we would like to add a feature charity to our site. So please get in touch!


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