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Responsive Web Design – Making your website awesome on any device!

We believe that every website or application needs to be usable on any device. There are many factors that influence the experience a person has when using a website, but one thing that really helps is being presented with an interface that meets the needs of the device that the user is using. At Urban Shed, we use a concept called ‘Mobile First’ where we build the mobile design first and then design for other devises – from a tablet ending in a desktop design. Putting the mobile first allows us to keep focused on the important critical features of your application or website as well as the user experience for each device. We’ve created a round up of the latest tools available to support responsive web design:

This site is pretty awesome… want to know what your site looks like on a mobile, tablet and desktop all at once? Well this is for you!

How it works
      1. Add your URL to the input field
      2. Click GO (reloads the preview) or press Enter (reloads the page)
      3. Admire your good work

Urban Shed Responsive Web Design in Cornwall

It’s not a substitute for testing your site for responsiveness, but it is a great time saving tool for getting screen shots.

(hint: have a play with the device images – click and drag the devices… yep, how cool is that – now go re-arrange to your heart’s content!)

This is a fun scrolldeck.js overview of Responsive Web Design by John Polacek. So if you want a great insight into responsive design then be sure to check it out.

What the Heck is Responsive Web Design?

What the Heck is Responsive Web Design?


We’ve been playing with Macaw for the last month, and boy does it live up to expectation. It has responsive design built in allowing you to set breakpoints and optimise your site for all devices. If we had to some it up in one word… “Beautiful”

MACAW’s biggest feature is ‘Alchemy’ – It’s ability to convert your gorgeous design to clean usable code (HTML and CSS).

They offer a trial so you can try out this awesome cool tool yourself… you know you want to…

Macaw Responsive Web Design Tool

Macaw Web Design Tool


We hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup. Thanks for taking the time to read and we will see you soon!


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